Monday, September 16, 2013

Quick Little Facebook Survey

Hi Friends!
You're all so great and fabulous, and that's why I need your opinion!
Out of these 4 cakes I've posted, let me know which one you like the most.
Imagine it as YOUR wedding cake.
Please comment here or visit my Facebook page to give me your input.
Thank you so much!

(please note - I did not make any of these gorgeous cakes, wish I could take the credit, but I can't)





Thank you for your help!


  1. I like the decorative elements on #3 best, but I think I would like it best if the tiers were round.

  2. Out of these 4 I'd pick #2, but I prefer the cakes I've seen you make in the past to any of these 4. That's the truth. I'm not just sucking up. (This is Debbie Woodcox)

  3. I seriously think they are all beautiful but if I had to choose one, I guess it would be #2.

  4. 3 is my favorite! But 2 is a close second.

  5. #2 or #4
    We miss you! Congrats in you upcoming arrival:)!
    Amanda Wilson

  6. Hayley votes for #4. Emily votes 2 or 4.

  7. 1...I mean 2...I mean 3...I mean 4. Seriously cant go wrong. Ok 3.

  8. This was hard! My first impression was #2. But they are all so great!

  9. My favorite is #3. You are very talented Natalie!